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ewong 03-27-2016 1:59 PM

R-Wild Ranch
Wondering if anyone here has ownership in R-Wild Ranch in Platina? I'm thinking of buying a deed to have a getaway from the city life. I would like to know the pros and cons of purchasing a deed. I have read mixed reviews about the place.

JagerDog 03-27-2016 10:28 PM

I toured there when it was new. Wasn't for me. Camping is like sardines (RV park) and they really cater to the "social" crowd. I don't go camping to be around people. Thousand Trails was the same way. Blue hairs or place to babysit your kids. Plenty of Nat'l Forest.

Supposedly have 2k acres for hunting. 2k acres sounds big, but it can get real small when throw a bunch of hunters at it.

If you like the social aspect or can make good use of the stables, etc., it might be good for you. Or it can be a home base for other area activities.

I drive by R-ranch occassionaly. I just see a bunch of RV's stored and a bunch more in what appears to be semi-permanent slots. I think you can keep your trailer in one site for up to 90 days.

I've seen shares go for cheap (way cheaper than via the HQ). Folk find they don't use it and get tired of the annual fee ($1100'ish).

jeffrice6 03-28-2016 7:01 AM

I've driven by on the way to deer camp & have seen many memberships for sale on Craigslist...... Guessing it's for the horse riding weekend Warrior. If interested in that area, I'd save up a bit & just purchase an acre or two & be close to the NF for your own recreation....

Itwentbang 03-28-2016 9:11 AM


Originally Posted by JagerDog (Post 17912518)
I don't go camping to be around people. Thousand Trails was the same way. Blue hairs or place to babysit your kids. Plenty of Nat'l Forest.

This was our experience, too. They tend to be more like refugee camps than camping.

ewong 03-28-2016 1:29 PM

Thanks for all the input... that's what I'm afraid of too, buying into and not having the time to use it or too lazy to make the long drive up.

Dano3467 03-28-2016 1:55 PM

Idk what you like for camping, but Jager had a pretty good description of it.

Also gets hot an dry out there.

CSACANNONEER 03-28-2016 2:02 PM

I grew up going to "Napa Valley Ranch Club" before it sold out to R-Ranch. But, I didn't know there were other facilities until I googled it thanks to this thread.

alameda 04-20-2016 7:17 PM

My family were owners for 25+ years. There are many owners who pay and many who don't so there is some deferred maintenance. It was fun and if you are into horses or have kids who want to ride it's fun. We never saw game as there are many hunters and just people crawling around the property. The gun range is cool in a Nat'l forest way where it's unregulated for the most part. The cabins make for easy camping but yes not remote pristine camping. Out in the back with a couple motorcycles and some rifles me and my bro had some good times. Hard to get rid of when you decide you want to be done. You can't just quit paying. I think we sold ours for $250 just to get out of it. It was overall fun I would say until we were done

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