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EBR Works 10-18-2017 5:03 PM

EBR Works - Simplified Middleman Process
With the latest round of legislation passed in CA it's been made clear that a complete semi-auto firearm that would be considered an AW, if separated into components, is no longer an AW by CA law.

See here:


(hh) “Semiautomatic” means a firearm functionally able to fire a single cartridge, eject the empty case, and reload the chamber each time the trigger is pulled and released. Further, certain necessary mechanical parts that will allow a firearm to function in a semiautomatic nature must be present for a weapon to be deemed semiautomatic. A weapon clearly designed to be semiautomatic but lacking a firing pin, bolt carrier, gas tube, or some other crucial part of the firearm is not semiautomatic for purposes of Penal Code sections 30515, 30600, 30605(a), and 30900.
(1) A mechanically whole semiautomatic firearm merely lacking ammunition and a proper magazine is a semiautomatic firearm.
(2) A mechanically whole semiautomatic firearm disabled by a gun lock or other firearm safety device is a semiautomatic firearm. (All necessary parts are present, once the gun lock or firearm safety device is removed, and weapon can be loaded with a magazine and proper ammunition.)
(3) With regards to an AR-15 style firearm, if a complete upper receiver and a complete lower receiver are completely detached from one another, but still in the possession or under the custody or control of the same person, the firearm is not a semiautomatic firearm.
(4) A stripped AR-15 lower receiver, when sold at a California gun store, is not a semiautomatic firearm. (The action type, among other things, is undetermined.)

This still does not apply to named assault weapons listed on page 2 here and they cannot be made compliant by disassembly:

So as an alternative to full compliance work that we still offer, you can have your firearm that you purchased shipped to us in it's evil AW configuration from an online dealer or private seller (yes we'll accept from private sellers). We'll separate the upper/lower or take apart the firearm into individual components to render it not an evil AW. We'll wrap and bag the components so they will not be damaged. We'll then ship everything together in one box to your CA dealer, assuming that they are willing to accept it. If your CA dealer is nervous about this, we can also ship the non-serialized components directly to your preferred address and your dealer will get just the serialized part for transfer to you. You must confirm that your dealer is willing to process your transfer if sent in this manner. You MUST ask them and confirm with us that they are on board!

Once you have the serialized and non-serialized parts in your possession, you can order whatever compliance mods are needed to make CALDOJ happy. You could also wait for the next cool compliance device to be released or keep the gun separated for trips out of state.

You pay only a $35 middleman fee + the actual shipping cost via insured Fedex or insured USPS. Mag blocking available at additional nominal cost.

We respond to emails the same business day, won't make you wait forever to get your shipment or otherwise screw up a simple process. We have been doing this for a long time and will get it done right. Just ask any of our happy clients right here on CalGuns!

We simply ask that you email us with any questions instead of using PM:

JTBEE24 10-18-2017 5:06 PM

Thanks again for providing this service! You guys are awesome!

EBR Works 10-19-2017 5:41 PM

We're always here for you guys!

Jeep Guy 10-20-2017 11:17 AM

From a customer back in the Ca. SSE days.
These are good people.
Thanks for your support.

EBR Works 10-21-2017 3:03 PM


Originally Posted by Jeep Guy (Post 20798320)
From a customer back in the Ca. SSE days.
These are good people.
Thanks for your support.

Thank you for the kind words. SSE was so much fun/work. Sad that it ended!

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