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sar_man 11-17-2011 1:46 PM

11-99 in Vallejo
Prayers are with the officer that is down and the ones doing the house to house search.

masameet 11-17-2011 2:48 PM

Unfortunately the officer did not survive being shot multiple times in the back.

EDIT: RIP Officer Jim Capoot.

He was 43 years and this was his 19th year as a policeman. He died at the Vallejo Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. Apparently the air flight (Calstar, I guess) was canceled as Walnut Creek's John Muir trauma medical center was deemed too far.

Roddd 11-17-2011 2:50 PM

God bless both he and his family. We have your watch.

BigDogatPlay 11-17-2011 3:01 PM

Thoughts and prayers for the officers family and co-workers.... and let's hope that the two actors responsible for this go into custody before they have the opportunity to hurt anyone else.

Swatter911 11-17-2011 3:01 PM

And we just took our mourning bands off last Saturday.

RIP brother.

non sequitur 11-17-2011 3:19 PM

LODD Vallejo PD
RIP, brother.

Andy Taylor 11-17-2011 3:40 PM


Spanky8601 11-17-2011 3:55 PM

Rest in peace, brother.

floridaone2 11-17-2011 4:40 PM


psango 11-17-2011 5:09 PM


Nor-Cal 11-17-2011 5:23 PM

RIP Officer Jim Capoot:angel:

pieeater 11-17-2011 5:41 PM

epilepticninja 11-17-2011 5:52 PM


Ron-Solo 11-17-2011 6:02 PM

Rest in Peace, Brother.

'Ike' 11-17-2011 6:08 PM

RIP Brother...

DriftinG Z32 11-17-2011 6:16 PM


Watchur6 11-17-2011 7:01 PM

RIP Sir.

cjvale2000 11-17-2011 7:11 PM

Our thoughts our with his family. Rest in peace brother.

W7ldcard 11-17-2011 7:13 PM

RIP, such a sad day

Rockit 11-17-2011 7:27 PM

RIP, will be missed.
I hope the rest of you make it home safe.

Rogue187 11-17-2011 7:36 PM

Rest in Peace Brother..

yzernie 11-17-2011 8:03 PM

God's speed our fallen brethren. Prayer out to your family, coworkers and friends.

Muhaha 11-17-2011 8:14 PM

RIP, the bands back on =[

TheExpertish 11-17-2011 8:23 PM

Leaves behind a wife and 3 daughters. Downright shame.

center_x 11-17-2011 8:55 PM

We wear the uniform to show pride and display authority. We wear badges patches and rank to show who we work for and what we do. We wear a gun belt to protect others and a vest to protect ourselves. We wear dark sunglasses to hide our emotions on days like today. Thoughts and prayers to the men and women of Vallejo Pd for the loss of Officer Jim Capoot at the hands of a bank robber.

NineteenElev3n 11-17-2011 9:43 PM

RIP Officer James Capoot.

sar_man 11-18-2011 4:46 AM


Originally Posted by gadsdenarmory (Post 7518491)
Leaves behind a wife and 3 daughters. Downright shame.

Officer Capoot and his wife had adopted the two kids of some friends that had been killed in a motorcycle accident this last year.

heyeugenio 11-18-2011 7:28 AM

RIP Brother Jim Capoot
Your brothers and sisters in the Bay Area are proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with you...Rest in Peace and have a safe trip home.

God bless your family and Vallejo PD...we've got your watch; thank you for your ultimate sacrifice...

Pandanin 11-18-2011 7:39 AM

RIP Officer Capoot. Thank you for everything you did to change other's lives.

He was also the Vallejo high school girls basketball coach.

CaptMike 11-18-2011 8:02 AM

Rest in Peace Brother, may your family be comforted in knowing that you are watching over them from on high.

Steyrlp10 11-18-2011 8:31 AM

So sorry for everyone's loss of another good person -- stay safe everyone!

Chivas 11-18-2011 9:24 AM


osokne 11-18-2011 9:39 AM

Thank you for your service to your city and our country. Fair winds and following seas, Marine.

ASU5 11-18-2011 4:38 PM

RIP Officer Capoot...

1-M-42 11-18-2011 4:47 PM

Rest easy brother

hk91666 11-18-2011 5:44 PM


Originally Posted by sar_man (Post 7519754)
Officer Capoot and his wife had adopted the two kids of some friends that had been killed in a motorcycle accident this last year.

Those kids belonged to a co-worker of mine, now they have to deal with this as well.
RIP Officer Capoot.

minermax 11-18-2011 5:46 PM

Jim was a most giving person in the very shot 4 days and 3 nights that I was able to camp next to him and his family this last sumrmer in Coloma. He seemed to find it easy to make sure all were comfortable in and around our campground no matter who they were.I feel that I will be very hard pressed to meet another human being like I remember him, a person one would never forget if you ever met him. This is more than sad for me knowing the pain of his wonderful family. Rest easy Jim, and thank you, Steve

minermax 11-18-2011 6:24 PM

Pardon my above spelling: it should say 4 short days.

leggsman 11-18-2011 6:36 PM

My prayers goes out to the officer's family

RABULL 11-19-2011 12:09 AM

May He Rest In Peace and Prayers Are Sent for his Family.

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