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rickyjk 06-07-2013 9:50 PM

looking to duracoat a glock in digital camo any good shops around the Corona area thanks

postal 06-09-2013 4:54 PM

There's a guy out around Covina area that is really good. I'll find the info for you if you're interested.
Cerakote- not duracoat.....

Here it is...
Dave's Metal Works in Covina,626-859-0299.
Here's a link to his Cerakote page:

I havent used his services, but I've seen a few of his pieces, they look fantastic. He has numerous repeat customers that very highly recommend him.

hermosabeach 06-09-2013 5:31 PM

Dave did a melanite finish on a 1911 for me as the gun would always rust.

He does excellent work

rickyjk 07-22-2013 11:33 PM

thanks guys

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