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Upcoming Club Match - October 18, 2015, Ft. A at ASR
The Southern Cal Golden Bears HPR Club ( will be hosting our monthly club match on October 18, 2015.

Match will be held at Fort Angeles (Ft. A) at Angeles Shooting Range (ASR). Signups start at 0730 with the first round going down range at about 0815.

Cost is $12 for members and $17 for non-members. We are typically done by about 1000, and you can stay later for some extra trigger time after the club meeting.

This is a 100 yard "walk down" match where shooters will shoot Offhand, Sitting, and Prone. Shooters walk down and change targets between the stages while the targets simulate 200, 300, and 600 yard distances. Shooters are required to use centerfire .22 cal (AR 15 Service Rifle) or larger-caliber rifles (M1 Garand, as-issued or match-conditioned). Optics are permitted but not eligible for awards.

If you want to observe the mechanics of the match and hear the range commands, email the Secretary for a front seat spot.

If you have a conforming service rifle but don't have the other gear like a spotting scope or a shooting coat, email the Secretary for availability.

Any questions, don't be shy just email the Secretary -


1) What is Across the Course or XTC?

What is XTC -

2) What if I don't have a classification?

You'll be classified as a "Master - Unclassified", and you should consider having your scores submitted. You'll be that much closer to getting your classification card.

3) If I'm not classified, how long does it take to get classified?

For Across the Course (XTC), you need to shoot a total of 240 record shots to be classified by the NRA, so you can get it done in three 80 round matches. Alternatively, you may certainly attend the full course XTC match at Burbank Rifle and Revolver Club, Ojai Valley Gun Club, or Santa Margarita Gun Club at Camp Pendleton.

4) Do I have to shoot the 80 round course of fire?

No, you can shoot a 50 round course of fire, but you won't be eligible for the awards.

5) Do I have to be an NRA member to participate, compete for prizes, or submit my scores?

No, NRA membership is optional and encouraged.

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