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Yusuke Komiya 10-16-2019 8:10 PM

Anybody has a spare cardboard box for a long gun? I'm looking for something about 4'
I just sold a long gun to an out of state C&R holder. I was going to sell it for $450+shipping. I needed to sell the gun as fast as possible, so I accepted an offer of $400 shipped. The cost of shipping is looking to be around $40. I'm trying to save on the cardboard box to reduce eating anymore into my overall profit.

BucDan 10-16-2019 8:56 PM

I might have one for you. I'll have to measure it. Was considering dumping it last weekend. You might be in luck. I'll let you know sometime tomorrow.

BucDan 10-17-2019 10:07 AM

I have one from my Howa 1500. Looks to be what you need. If you want it, let me know.

big red 10-17-2019 11:53 AM

Unfortunately I am in northern california east of Sacramento but if anyone needs one I have roughly a dozen boxes fitting black powder i can give away if someone needs them and PM' me. guns come into my home they don't leave (LOL). Stuffing/tape is on you but the boxes are free.

these are boxes used for long rifles and as long as i can fit them in the car somehow I can meet you in folsom, Orangevale, fair oaks. Passing it forward if possible and it helps someone.

wpod 10-17-2019 11:56 AM

Go to the city or county morgue and ask for a cremation box. Funeral homes too.
I've gotten them and cut to the needed size for shipping.

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edgerly779 10-17-2019 11:58 AM

I repurpose large boxes. Cut to bend at proper dimension and double up cardboard have had good results. We get 3'x8' cardboard cover sheets for out plastics. OR GO TO hOME dEPOT AND GET A 4' FLUORESCENT LAMP BOX.

sd joe 11-06-2019 9:07 PM

Call gun shops and ask. I have gotten them several times that way.

usabaker 12-07-2019 7:38 AM

The longest I have is 45 1/2" but you are welcome to it if you need it. I'm near Imperial Beach

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