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ParaLarry 09-16-2019 1:38 PM

Wassup Gunsta Cup?
Just received this email from Practiscore:

The Gunsta Cup 9 at Rankin Field
At this time all match fees have been refunded through STRIPE you should receive your funds in 3-5 days depending on your bank.

anyone know what's going on at Rankin Field?

Rez805 09-16-2019 6:54 PM

Dang. That's a bummer.

SG29736 09-16-2019 7:41 PM

They had a message on the practiscore page. Didn't have enough shooters to put on the kind of match they wanted to offer. I was shooting it too. Shooting the gridiron the previous weekend. I saw a lot of the Gunsta shirts at the other 2 level 2 matches earlier this summer.

ParaLarry 09-17-2019 6:09 AM

“First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for registering for the Gunsta Cup 9, We had big plans for this match. Unfortunately, it appears at this point that the numbers are simply not there for us to be able to host the kind of event that we could be proud of. I want you all to know that we did not make this decision lightly, but in the end, we would rather pull the plug now, than to put on an event that would not live up to expectations. I will be issuing refunds immediately. Depending on your bank you should receive your funds back within 3-5 days, I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Sincerely **** ***** Match Director”

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NorthBay Shooter 09-17-2019 9:40 AM

I heard this might happen while at Hogue in SLO two weeks ago. It's a bummer.

PNOY 09-18-2019 6:14 PM

Check practiscore.There will be level 1. 8 stages gunsta cup at prado shooting park October 19.

piratebike 09-18-2019 8:15 PM


Originally Posted by PNOY (Post 23424853)
Check practiscore.There will be level 1. 8 stages gunsta cup at prado shooting park October 19.

Good news!

ParaLarry 09-19-2019 8:15 AM

At least it’s closer.
What is “Hit Factor level I match,” a pirate match?
$99 and no lunch? Not even a burrito?

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Rez805 09-19-2019 10:07 AM

Nice to see that it is happening in (what I assume is) the Southern California Section. I won't be able to attend, but I hope it's a good one!

Maybe someday all 3 sections can coordinate on a rotating state championship. Wishful thinking from a guy who only has local level MD experience.

iloveVTEC 09-19-2019 11:41 AM

$99 and no lunch or prize table? :facepalm:

tanks 09-19-2019 9:21 PM


Originally Posted by iloveVTEC (Post 23426934)
$99 and no lunch or prize table? :facepalm:

Yeah, usually the Saturday matches are $40 for 6-7 stages. Now an extra stage or two and more than double the cost. Is the t-shirt worth an extra $59?

ysr_racer 09-19-2019 9:33 PM

Ha ha, you pistol guys are funny. In sporting clays shotguns, our fees are double or triple yours, and they never heard of a prize table.

We get a tee shirt, and a trophy.

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