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Divernhunter 11-24-2019 3:16 PM

338 Federal rifle
Is Savage the only one making a rifle in 338 Federal? I thought that the Tikka T-3 Lite was chambered in that but do not see it in their chart anymore.

DrewN 11-24-2019 3:49 PM

Dead cartridge walking. Still, the Savages are nice out of the box and there's plenty of support to make them as nice as you like. And even for a hard working hunting gun, a couple hundred rounds is easily a lifetime supply. I doubt I have 100 rounds thru my first real hunting rifle and it's still my main gun 40 years later. Hell, I'd buy hunting bullets in quantities of 25 if I could. I have untold 100 ct boxes that are never getting used again even if there was no lead ban.

JackEllis 11-24-2019 4:07 PM

I started a thread about this cartridge maybe 18 months ago because some friends had offered to sell me one.

My conclusions were a) it seemed to be about as capable as the .30-06 I already have, b) I don't need another rifle I won't shoot very much.

My objective is for al lof my centerfire barrels to wear out the same day I do ;)

ar15barrels 11-24-2019 4:30 PM


Originally Posted by Divernhunter (Post 23632341)
Is Savage the only one making a rifle in 338 Federal?

Any 308 action can be rebarrelled to a 338 Federal if you want one.

MongooseV8 11-24-2019 5:47 PM

Davidsons lists a bunch of rifles in 338.

elk hunter 11-24-2019 6:55 PM

Tika and Ruger made a .338 Fed. I have a Ruger Hawkeye and what convinced me to buy one was shooting a friends Tika. My Ruger will stay with me until I can't hunt then it will go.

Divernhunter 11-24-2019 10:03 PM

My thoughts were I do not need all the power or weight to hunt Calif and the larger frontal area would be good with the non-lead bullets.

elk hunter 11-25-2019 6:31 AM

The buck picture I posted in the other .338 Fed thread was shot in MT and with a 160 gr TTSX. I shot that deer at under 100 yards he never took a step straight down. To be honest I thought I missed him even though I couldn't see him running with the other deer through the trees a friend Ed saw the whole thing. Deer went down at the shot and was dead before we could walk up to him to take care of him. I could not be happier with the performance of the TTSX 160 gr bullet the caliber or the Ruger rifle. I don't believe any other cartridge combo can do any better of job at hand and in it's range. If I were still living in Calif. and had put this hunting rig together I don't think it would be any less of a good hunting outfit and would be using it there. There are people here in this forum that have the idea that the .338 Federal is under powered and can not do the job, they are closed minded.

Calif Hunter 11-25-2019 3:01 PM

I had a custom .358 Win rifle that I loved, until a friend decided he loved it more and made me an offer I couldn't turn down. In that strong bolt action, I could load the .358 to about factory .35 Whelen levels. It was good out to 300 yards at least with either a 200 gr TTSX for CA or a 225 gr Nosler.

elk hunter 11-25-2019 3:14 PM

Like the .338 Fed. the .358 Win. is "WAY UNDER RATED", they both pack plenty of power for most anything you care to take a poke at.

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