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progunman 10-04-2019 9:14 PM

"The Gunslinger Hour" on KABC 790am Radio Sunday Mornings at 7am!
Catch our radio show "The Gunslinger Hour" LIVE on KABC 790am Radio! If you are out of reach to be able to listen to the Gunslinger Hour on your radio, you can tune in on iHeart Radio! Also, visit our website,, scroll down and click on our show banner and you can find all of our shows from the very beginning on a podcast!

If you want to hear certain topics discussed on the show, comment below! Any questions? Comment below and let us know and we will add it to our FAQ's segments! Want to call into the show? Call at 1(800) 222-5222, 1(800) 222-KABC.

Thanks for listening to The Gunslinger Hour!

progunman 10-05-2019 8:04 PM

Dont forget! Tune into the Gunslinger Hour on KABC 790am Radio tomorrow morning at 7am! If you're too far to reach the station, you can pull it up iHeart radio! Listen for the question of the day, and call in! Or create your own questions or comments and give us a call! 1(800)222-5222!

progunman 10-26-2019 7:48 PM

Last Saturday we had Sam Paredes featured on our show to talk about all the new laws that Greasy Gavin signed. Make sure if you missed it that you check out our podcast by going to, scroll down, and click our show banner!
Don't forget to catch tomorrow's show as we have another guest joining us!
Show starts at 7am on KABC 790am Radio! Listen to it in your car, or pull up iHeart radio and listen there!
If you want to call in, to say hi or ask questions, call into our show at 1(800) 222-5222.

progunman 11-21-2019 4:58 PM

We have a great show coming up this weekend! Don't miss it! Don't forget you can call in with questions and comments at 1 (800) 222-5222. The show can be listened on KABC 790am Radio and all over the U.S. on iHeart radio!

progunman 11-23-2019 11:55 PM

Working on tomorrow's show! Don't miss it. Our guests will be Dianna Muller, retired police officer, competitive shooter, and 2A rights activist. Also on tomorrow's show will be Brad from Front Sight Training Facility in Nevada! Don't miss the show! LIVE Sunday mornings on KABC 790am Radio, also find our show on iHeart media anywhere in the U.S.
Feel free to call in, make comments and ask questions for The Gunslinger Hour at 1(800) 222-5222

progunman 11-24-2019 6:44 AM

20 minutes until "The Gunslinger Hour". Make sure you have your phones and questions ready for Dianna Muller, and Brad from Front Sight Training Facility. Phone number to call in is 1 (800) 222-5222!

progunman 11-30-2019 10:17 PM

Tune in tomorrow morning at 6AM. Tomorrow's show is TWO HOURS so we will be going from 6am to 8am. Don't miss it! We have Frequently Asked Questions, the gun of the day, and Gary from Dillon Precision joining us! It will be a great show!
If you want to call in and talk or ask questions you can call at 1 (800) 222-5222 or message us with comments or questions on Facebook and Instagram at Gunslinger Auctions, or email us at!

progunman 12-07-2019 7:26 PM

This weekends show we will have Richard Moll and Josh Garrett-Davis from the Autry Museum joining us on the phone! If you have any questions for them, make sure you call into the show at 1(800) 222-5222, or email your questions to, or message us on facebook or instagram at Gunslinger Auctions!

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