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Atlantic Firearms 01-31-2018 4:06 AM

Gilboa M43
The Israeli designed Gilboa M43 rifle in 762 x 39 is Military tested series that uses normal AK mags. Unlike other AR style rifles in 762x39 the Gilboa was designed from the ground up as a military weapon not a sporting gun. The rifle has been sold directly from the factory in Israel to American & British Special Forces units . They have also been exported to countries such as Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uganda, Kenya and Peru.

toiletfighter 02-21-2018 12:59 PM

I’ve emailed twice in the last week to inquire if this is available in a featureless configuration with no response. So, can and will Atlantic offer it as such? I’ve got some cash burning a hole in my pocket...

Atlantic Firearms 02-25-2018 4:08 AM

Yes if you purchase the AR fixed stock modification and the AIM fin wrap listed in the CA legal section we can make this CA compliant

toiletfighter 02-25-2018 8:07 AM

Thanks, I was able to get an email response and placed an order Thursday. Looking forward to taking it home.

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