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VoxVeritasVita 10-22-2013 4:59 PM

Please welcome my son to Calguns community!
Please join me in proudly welcoming my son to the Calguns community. His name is Hunter (Calguns name: RogueHunter) and has been shooting safely and responsibly since the age of 8 with the guidance of myself and his grandfather. He started out on the same Remington 22 bolt rifle my father gave me and has since added a Noveske Rogue Hunter and after sacrificing his summer, chose to work full time to save and buy his dream gun, the Springfield TRP. Like my father and myself, we are lifetime NRA members and belong to the Winchester Canyon Gun Club in Santa Barbara where with the fantastic support of all the Range masters are developing his skill and further passion for our beloved sport.

farnorcal 10-22-2013 5:09 PM


jpscoot_21 10-22-2013 5:12 PM

RogueHunter, Welcome aboard!

scifigunner 10-22-2013 5:13 PM


glockman19 10-22-2013 5:14 PM

Welcome RogueHunter

Stoney Creek Arms 10-22-2013 5:16 PM

Welcome RougueHunter!

five.five-six 10-22-2013 5:16 PM

RougeHunter, what a cool name for calguns! I think it's even better than my calguns name.

Rickrock1 10-22-2013 5:23 PM

Yeaaaa Welcome Aboard

Gutpile66 10-22-2013 6:49 PM

Hunter, you make us all proud. Welcome aboard son. Keep your line wet and your powder dry!!

sharxbyte 10-22-2013 10:39 PM

Congrats! Give him my welcome!

Michael_Js 10-23-2013 7:29 AM

:) Great! Congrats!
Way to start out! :)

Ladyrr 10-23-2013 7:31 AM


monsterhook 10-23-2013 7:38 AM

You are an awesome father and awesome to the sport.

Welcome RogueHunter!

GJC 10-24-2013 2:06 PM

Welcome RogueHunter! :)

edgerly779 10-24-2013 2:08 PM

Welcome. New blood is always desired. It has been getting contentious around here lately. A fresh point of view would be appreciated.

GMG 10-24-2013 5:04 PM

Hunter, welcome aboard !

Rider1k 10-26-2013 4:48 PM

Welcome to Calguns

'ol shooter 10-27-2013 4:11 PM

Welcome Hunter, I hope you have a long a fruitful life as both a shooter and a citizen of our great country. :)

njineermike 10-27-2013 4:17 PM

Welcome in hunter

Sunday 10-28-2013 6:32 PM

Welcome Hunter !!!

peopleofthesun 11-02-2013 4:17 PM


speedrrracer 11-03-2013 8:23 AM

Welcome! A Noveske Rogue Hunter....good taste in firearms, too :cool:

Shorthair 11-04-2013 10:43 AM

Great to hear this. Keep the tradition alive.

catmman 12-07-2013 7:48 PM


SonofWWIIDI 12-07-2013 7:53 PM

Welcome Hunter!! And Dad!!


18Dmedic 12-07-2013 11:49 PM

This doesn't mean we all go for long walks on the beach...WELCOME ABOARD!

SOAR79 12-07-2013 11:55 PM

good stuff! welcome!

RANCID 518th 12-07-2013 11:58 PM

Welcome good sir ... three cheers ... HAZAHH .. HAZAHH.. HAZAHH...

kcjr1125 12-08-2013 3:40 AM

Welcome to the family!

J.R.W. 12-08-2013 7:07 AM

Welcome hunter

sealocan 12-08-2013 7:13 AM

welcome Rogue Hunter,I'm glad to have you here.

Miataguy 12-11-2013 11:32 AM

Hi Hunter, Welcome to CalGuns!

Foresight88 12-11-2013 11:45 AM

Welcome Hunter. Glad to have you here.
Keep growing and expanding your knowledge of our Second Amendment. We need every responsible gun owner we can. Congrats on the TRP as well!! Keep up the hard work and you'll end up with so much more!

ojisan 12-11-2013 12:07 PM


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