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Rob7.62 04-06-2019 6:53 PM

Vortex "Huey" reticle cut off?
I went to Sportsman's warehouse today and I was looking at a Vortex UH1 Huey and the reticle started to cut put before it even got to the edge of the viewing window on the left side. The salesman pulled out two other sights that did the same exact thing one worse than the others. My question is were these maybe a bad batch and others are fine or just poorly designed?

AreWeFree 04-06-2019 9:16 PM

I'm guessing it's your head position in relation to the eye box.

You were holding it wrong. :D

Rob7.62 04-07-2019 4:59 AM

No not at all the salesman who was also the manager saw it too. We even looked at an eotech and the reticle on it went all the way to the edge of the glass.

OpticsPlanet 04-09-2019 7:18 AM

Maybe a bad batch? Sounds like a "purging problem".

Air inside the optic will cause that, you see it alot with high mileage eotechs like the ones getting passed around in big army.

Dealer probably should contact Vortex and see what they say.

-Matt S.

LEAD LAUNCHER 04-09-2019 11:47 AM

I've seen this "issue" mentioned several times across the net-here is an example:

"Here is the problem I had with my UH-1...loved the optic a lot but after about a week or so...I noticed that the reticle started to fade on the left and bottom about .5 inch before edge of the glass but the right and top...the reticle went all the way to the edge...called Vortex about it and said that is part of the design and can't be fixed...really bugged returned it and got the latest logo EOtech...the reticle goes uninterrupted in all directions."

Another poster on the next page posted a pic to show what it looks like:

You may want to confirm with Vortex that "that is part of the design and can't be fixed".

I believe that is most likely a fact.

Most aren't bothered by it-but obviously some are.

My son's friend in Colorado has one of these(and love's it).

I'll try to remember to ask him if his does the same and post back here.

I like the sight but have not had one in hand.

Rob7.62 04-09-2019 9:23 PM

Yes! That's exactly what these ones were like only on the left side though. The sight was really nice other than that issue and felt solid but I don't think I could deal with that long term and not have it drive me crazy. I think I'll hit up vortex about it thanks for the responses.

Rob7.62 04-12-2019 12:12 PM

Ok I talked to Vortex and they said that all holographic sights have this and they chose to have it cut out on the left cause most shooters are right handed when I mentioned my eotechs don't have this issue being holographic also they had no response basically acknowledging their design has a defect that won't be covered under warranty. So I'll be sticking with Eotech it looks like not that I have a problem with them but I kinda liked the look of the Vortex Huey but it sounds like they have some more R&D to do before I try one from them.

smoothy8500 04-12-2019 12:17 PM

Just curious, how bad does your cheekweld have to be for the reticle to shift and get cut off?

Rob7.62 04-12-2019 2:13 PM

A bit but for a sight thats more geared towards cqb proper cheekweld may not always be used and on a holographic sight where parallax is almost not existant I'd expect the reticle to at least go to the edge and bottom of the viewing window. Eotech seems to have no issues with this yet Vortex seems to think its "inherent to the design of holographic sights" just seems like they rushed it or didn't properly evaluate it before production.

LEAD LAUNCHER 04-12-2019 2:25 PM

Thanks for the update Rob.

Turns out my friends son has some different Vortex optic no additional info from him on this issue.

This site is still on my radar but Iím definitely going to look through one before I purchase.

Still want an Exps 2 or 3 as well though.

Since Eotech Doesnít have this issue, hopefully Vortex will address this on subsequent models at some point.

Rob7.62 04-12-2019 8:19 PM

Yeah the vortex was nice in every other way just one of those things that would really bother me, kinda sad cause everything else seemed well thought out though if you can look past it I'm sure it would be a great option.

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