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wormhole123 06-02-2020 2:16 AM

Looking for someone to work on youtube with me
Hi guys, I'm 22 trying to start a youtube channel to start my own business company. I'm looking for someone who is passionate/knowledgeable with guns. I will be the one editing the video, research, targeting audience, come up with title, etc. Your job is to speak in front of camera while i move around camera, set angle, shoot drone footage, make intro, etc.

To give you an idea what channel i'm trying to start, you've all probably seen garand thumb and trex arms. These guys became popular and started their own merchants like making holsters and t shirts. That's exactly what i'm trying to do. Any revenue earned from youtube will be shared. I'm not blind by money, trying to be "operator," etc. I value family and brotherhood. Social media is nothing more than a tool to make money. That's all i'm trying to do.

As far as equipment goes, I invested close to $6000, including drone, Sony A7iii, stabilizer, tripod, external monitor, etc.

- Must have guns. the..... the more you have, better
- Not shy in front of camera
- speak fluently
- know how to use the weapon safetly and proficiently

If you have land that is a hugeeee bonus.

leave me a private message if you're interested, LOCATED IN SOCAL

Wordupmybrotha 07-07-2020 7:57 AM

How's the project coming long?

Starslinger 07-12-2020 11:14 AM

Sounds like a great project/business. I have a suggestion: consider putting your video gear in a van or SUV and traveling to various locations to interview various people, various gun ranges and gun shops, gunsmiths, etc. I think it would be hard to find one person to help you produce all your content. It's also pretty hard to get one person to commit to helping produce lots of videos. Probably easier to find people who have something to say in an interview situation. Businesses might talk to you just to promote their business. Good luck with whatever you do.

PenguinFipper 07-14-2020 11:14 PM

This sounds awesome. If i had more guns I would totally jump onboard!

MechaDad 07-15-2020 12:34 AM

I was just watching the world record cowboy quickdraw with the Cisco Kid. He's in Socal. Maybe he'd be down to do a piece with you? Go big or go home?!?

Disclaimer: Don't know him. Just caught him on YouTube and thought it was cool.

Lucky Scott 08-04-2020 12:39 PM

I sent the OP a PM but have never heard back.

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