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flavor 02-16-2020 6:29 PM

870DM Magazines out of stock everywhere
I have been shopping everywhere for magazines and no luck for quite some time now. Anyone know a place I can find some still in stock? Any word on when Remington will make and release more magazines? Any word on any company other than Remington that will make some magazines?

deckhandmike 02-16-2020 6:54 PM

They say they are making more. Don’t hold your breath. I’d dump that gun quick. No aftermarket support is coming for a discontinued gun.

pratchett 02-17-2020 8:17 AM

Yeah, no one's goon to make aftermarket mags for a short-time discontinued gun of questionable popularity. Keep your eyes open as people dump them on gun broker, but you may be out of luck.

mitch1 02-17-2020 3:06 PM

The mags are selling on flea bay for over $100 now. You and I are screwed

W.R.Buchanan 02-18-2020 11:57 AM

Yeah; Remington did the same thing with Tapco. They bought the company and then just decided to "Concentrate" on it's more popular brand names, so they killed the company. They killed DPMS and Bushmaster as well.

Just more Corporate Stupidity. They never seem to realize that the "more products you have for sale, the more products you will sell."

I'm done with Remington.

And they were supposed to send me 5 new mag followers for my mags which haven't showed up yet? Not holding my breath!


Dirtlaw 02-18-2020 12:39 PM

Out of stock, but it may be an alternative resource.

I bought a bunch of the Remington magazines when they first came out -- you just never know.

aippi 02-27-2020 1:15 PM

I just sold out last night on my on line store. I had them at $35 but raised it to the full retail price of $37.99 because I refuse to gorge other gun owners. A guy bought the last five last night so if he wants to sell them for $100 he can sleep with it. Me, I sleep well at night

What I would like is for someone who owns one and know the insides and can take photos to contact me. If I can see one I will know if it can be converted to tube fed. If so I will do the guy who helps with this for nothing except shipping. I will install all the parts needed if it can be done. I am a Remington Factory Certified Armorer for the 870 so you would getting all new OEM parts installed professionally. E-mail me at if you have the knowledge of the 870DM and can take the pictures of it I need.

Nickbowen5 02-27-2020 7:01 PM

I think River City Gun Exchange in Sacramento has some.

Boarhuntor 02-28-2020 1:03 PM

I don't know which ones you need, but there are plenty on EBay, 3rd ones.

flavor 03-08-2020 2:01 PM

Sorry, I was looking for the 6 round ones.

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