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RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 7:51 AM

Maybe it's my poor computer skills, maybe it's te Granola I ate this morning with soy milk...but I cannot find the post (if there is one) to see pictures of folks reloading set-up's.

If there is one, it sure would be easier to find if it was in the RELOADING SECTION of this forum. (Duh).

Like I said, it's probably just me. are a few pictures of my set-up.

The desk was designed and built by myself, and it is located in my office.

I have a Dillon XL650, and a Hornady 366 Auto shotshell loader.

Shoot with a purpose.

In Christ: Raymond

PS: You should consider making this a sticky thread.

PSS: If you don't have pictures, please don't waste our time by "describing" your reloading bench. Let's keep this an "eye candy" thread.

RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 7:55 AM


Here are a few more pictures of the set-up.

Below is a picture of the Ottlight I have in my workspace. The light is awesome, and gives me great color renditioning.

I also added a picture to show how I attached the ON/OFF switch of my case trimmer to the back of my Dillon Press.

Then there are a few more pictures of the box I made to raise the press and catch the completed shotshells.

Enjoy...and let's see your set-up's!!!

In Christ: Raymond

just4fun63 12-23-2009 8:02 AM

Wow that a great bench! I would put up pictures of mine but I just moved and you can't see the bench, just the top of my Dillon sticking out! I hate moving.

What's with the light?

RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 8:14 AM


Ottlight makes really great lights. (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY LAMP)

They started as craft lights (knitting/sewing/quilting/embroidering), and then slowly progressed to reading lights...blah, blah, blah.

In the end, folks saw how nice they really were for different applications and eye-relief...and they are now pretty big and widely used for many things.

I just like the fact that it was small enough to fit right where I wanted it for smaller gunsmithing/leatherworking/stained glassworking detail work.

I recently purchased this light on sale for something like $30.00, shipped to my door...which was an exceptional deal.

Good lighting is ALWAYS beneficial when working with detailed projects. (And if you are getting old and decrepit like myself). :)

In Christ: Raymond

Requiem 12-23-2009 9:29 AM

Very nice setup, Raymond. Can't imagine me ever having one like that unless I win the lottery or hit the jackpot at a casino :D

How're those shotshells workin out for ya?
Here's my setup:

RCBS rock chucker basic setup. I don't even have case prep equipment yet :(
It works for what I use it for though. It's on a B&D workmate collapsible bench, so if I need I can move it :)

RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 9:33 AM


But if I ever hit the lottery, I'll only shoot factory loads. Ha ha ha.

In Christ: Raymond

PS: Just joking...our family does not play the lottery.

PSS: The shotshell hulls were cool. I only used a handful of them. I will need to sift through them again soon, and possibly pass them on to other shotshell loaders like you did to me. Kudos.

WhiteHot 12-23-2009 9:46 AM

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I realize that reloading is a fairly intimate experience for some people but what's with the pimp oil?

esheato 12-23-2009 9:58 AM

bomb_on_bus 12-23-2009 10:05 AM


jdberger 12-23-2009 10:05 AM

Wow...those benches are clean.

Where are all the half dissasembled kids toys?

johnrunner89 12-23-2009 10:07 AM


freonr22 12-23-2009 10:13 AM

Beatiful esheato! dont you have to store that much powder in a Powder Magazine though?

esheato 12-23-2009 10:14 AM

Dunno and don't care.

I do a lot of load development and have accumulated 'em over time.


RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 10:26 AM

Nice set-up, Esheato.

I hope you live in a nice neighborhood, as that garage door looks like it will give up the ghost with a good hit from a pre-teen girlie on a 10-speed bicycle with a banana seat. ;)

Make sure your safe is also bolted down to the concrete floor.

Great, clean place, to work!!

Kudos on a nice job...and a patient wife.

In Christ: Raymond

Chris M 12-23-2009 10:29 AM

Whenever my wife tells me I'm spending too much on reloading, I'll just send her a link to this thread. (Hi, hun! I know you're reading this!) My little single-stage setup is nothing compared to what you guys have invested.

I'll still post a pic of it, though. I'll get the camera out tonight.

RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 10:31 AM

QUOTE: I realize that reloading is a fairly intimate experience for some people but what's with the pimp oil?

Ha ha ha.

I am actually a pretty simple guy.

My wife talked me into wearing "smell good". So I made her (over time) bring home things she found pleasant to smell.

I finally went with Giorgio Armani "Aqua Di Gio," and Kenneth Cole "Reaction".

She paid for the "smell good" during the experimental/searching phase. But now it's my job to maintain the "smell good supply".

You know the ole saying...

" can't live with them, and you can't live with them". Ha ha ha.

In Christ: Raymond

esheato 12-23-2009 10:33 AM

I no longer live at that address...hence the pics. Security is one thing, keeping your mouth shut is another.

Safe was and is bolted to the floor with four 1/2" concrete anchors and I always place it in a corner to prevent rocking it loose.

Wife likes for me to have a hobby. I can't complain.


xxdabroxx 12-23-2009 11:39 AM

you couldn't find this because the original poster called it a reloading rig ;)


Here is our recently completed reloading setup.

first, the bare bones:

Now, with supplies & equip.:

We had to do quite a bit of cleaning to claim this stake in the basement. We also removed the existing incandescent light and replaced it with two 4' T8 fluorescent light fixtures. You can also see that there are a couple of elec. boxes on top of the conc. wall. Those are to be added to each post, and one under the stairs. Electricity is nice.

Gio 12-23-2009 11:47 AM

Here is mine, it is on it's going to be moved down into the basement soon ;) My tumbler and shell sorter are down there already since it is quieter then my front porch :D

Just your basic $25 Donation to Friends of Animals for the Desk, everything fits inside the big cabinet. Primers are in the upper drawer from the powder, and brass. Bullets and more brass are in the green top bin :43: I will take more pics of the whole setup once I get it moved downstairs next year sometime.


Bug Splat 12-23-2009 12:58 PM

You guys have some nice clean setups and I now know where all the primers in the state have gone. I'm to ashamed to show the condition my bench is in right now but you have motivated me to clean her up. I'll tackle it this weekend after I hit the range.

freonr22 12-23-2009 1:06 PM

that pics above looks like approx 100k primers!!

Johan 12-23-2009 1:23 PM

mofugly13 12-23-2009 3:32 PM

Organization is key.

Revoman 12-23-2009 4:53 PM

I'll play, but I only have pics of my shotgun loading stuff for now. I will try to get one of the SDB set up that I made, works really well.

RaymondMillbrae 12-23-2009 4:57 PM

Cool roller handle on your MEC!! (Serious lefty, huh)?

Love to see sholtshell reloaders are still kicking and going strong.

In Christ: Raymond

PS: What is that Alien's umbilical cord-looking thingy over your press?! Is Segourny Weaver in your garage?

Johan 12-23-2009 5:03 PM


Originally Posted by mofugly13 (Post 3538457)
Organization is key.


Fyathyrio 12-23-2009 5:21 PM

Just getting started, the bench is solid but not solidly mounted of the sacrifices of being military and moving around a lot.

krzgoat 12-23-2009 6:58 PM

Not really a bench - more like a cave. "Man Cave"

Main Bench

Secondary Tumbling Area

Storage Cabinet

Press Bench

Bigballaizm 12-23-2009 7:05 PM

Very nice set ups everyone!! Sum day I hope to be in your class... I need to pull the trigger on a system first!

five.five-six 12-23-2009 7:16 PM

am I missing anything?

note, the channel locks can be used for seating, crimping and even pulling bullets apart in a pinch

freonr22 12-23-2009 7:42 PM


Originally Posted by five.five-six (Post 3539393)
am I missing anything?

note, the channel locks can be used for seating, crimping and even pulling bullets apart in a pinch

I think that works just fine!
The Lighter is for testing the burn rate of the powder, right?

krzgoat 12-23-2009 8:00 PM


Originally Posted by five.five-six (Post 3539393)
am I missing anything?

note, the channel locks can be used for seating, crimping and even pulling bullets apart in a pinch

What's the CC capacity of the pen cap?

Chris M 12-23-2009 9:44 PM

My humble bench. It's about the only thing in my garage that's somewhat organized.

cryoguy 12-23-2009 10:24 PM

WOW thats some amazing setups. I still need to clean out my garage... I think I have a work bench in there somewhere...

five.five-six 12-23-2009 10:45 PM


Originally Posted by krzgoat (Post 3539626)
What's the CC capacity of the pen cap?

IDK but it throws 26 grains of varget

r08ert209cali 12-24-2009 4:32 AM

Effective Too

chickenfried 12-26-2009 1:48 PM

Okay you've seen the nice ones now for the...

Taken right after mounting the presses.

yakmon 12-26-2009 9:46 PM

smith 12-27-2009 9:28 AM

My wife and I have a house but the detached garage has been converted in to an in-law unit. My brother in-law gave me a old Dillon 550 that belonged to a coworkers dad he passed away and the son did not wont it I ordered all the missing parts from Dillon and put it back together I am starting off slow with trail boss in .38 here are some pictures of my answer to no room for my stuff

Requiem 12-27-2009 9:42 AM


crap man, you're planning on reloading outside? :(

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