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Level 1 Tactical Shotgun Course- Sunday 07/27/14-Morgan Hill-Tactical Training Assoc.
Level 1 Tactical Shotgun Course- Sunday 07/27/14-Morgan Hill-Tactical Training Associates


Tactical Training Associates is announcing a Level 1 Tactical Shotgun Course to be held in Morgan Hill. Cost is $200 for a nine hour day with NO hidden "range fees". It is a full eight hours of training with an hour for lunch- longer than most other courses. There are no pre-requisites for this course.

This 8 hour course provides an introduction to the fighting shotgun. The shotgun is the most devastating personal defensive tool out there in the hands of a trained individual. The ultimate fight stopper, there is nothing better. This course is perfect for the novice fighting shotgun shooter, or the experienced shooter who wants to review the fundamentals. The course will culminate with the shooters being able to present the shotgun from the slung position and successfully engage targets at varying distances.

This is the first step for a shooter to get a basic understanding of the use and manipulation of a fighting shotgun. This is NOT your average slow fire/target shooting course. This course is designed to get you proficient with a shotgun you may rely on to defend your or your loved one's life.

A quality semi-automatic or pump action shotgun with a sling is required. 100 rounds of Birdshot, 5 rounds of '00 Buck, and 20 slugs are required. WE DO NOT SELL OR FURNISH AMMUNITION.

Rental shotguns are available at an additional $50 for the day. Supplies are limited and we do run out. Rentals are first come first served. An email requesting a rental is all that's required to reserve gear.

You can sign up here:

Email us at with any questions or to reserve a rental shotgun.

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